Setting up Swapcard Go
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Swapcard GO Event in a Box provides easy access to all necessary hardware for any organizers using Avolio Registration and Swapcard Self-serve Registration who want to provide self check-in and badge printing onsite.

To request your box, visit this page.

Receiving Equipment

Prior to the onsite, you will have to agree on an equipment list based on your requirements for the event. A shipping address will be provided, along with a shipping schedule.

Once you receive the equipment, you will need to make sure that you inventory the equipment and confirm that you have received what you have ordered. Inside the shipment will be a red folder that includes an inventory list. Please use this inventory list to help with the initial inventory and contact your support person immediately if there are any discrepancies with the equipment received.

We recommend that you take a picture of the cases when you first open them to help with the packing after the event. You can use those pictures as a guide for repacking the cases.

Setting up the Network

As part of the equipment, a wireless router will be provided. You will need a wired Internet connection at the registration area. Network switches and Ethernet cables may also be provided depending on the amount of equipment in the client's order.

Here is a basic diagram for setting up the network. There is also a link to a video that provides a visual overview of the network setup.

Onsite Network Wiring Video

  1. You will need a wired Internet drop from the venue. Plug that Internet connection into the WAN port on the router to provide Internet service to the router.

  2. Next, the Zebra printers will need to be connected to the router via a wired Ethernet cable connected to the LAN port on the router. You can plug each printer directly into the router or you can use a network switch if more ports are needed than provided on the router.

  3. Install the iPads into the desk stand or floor stands, based on what you ordered. Here are links to videos to help with the installation if you need it.

    1. This video shows how to assemble the iPad desk stand:

    2. This video shows how to assemble the iPad floor stand:

  4. Once setup, connect the iPads to the wireless network provided by the router. The wireless network name and password will be included in the shipment or on the router itself. This will provide Internet service to the iPads and also allow them to talk directly to the Zebra printers.

Configure the Printer and Load the Badge Stock

Once the power cable and Ethernet cable are connected to each printer, you will turn on the printer and load the badge stock.

  • Zebra Printer Badge Stock Loading Video

If you have any problems with the printer cutting the badge stock in the wrong place or kicking out a blank badge after printing a badge, you may need to calibrate the printer again.

  • Printer Calibration: The video shows a ZD500 printer model. You may have that model or the Zebra ZD620 model. Both models work the same with regard to calibration.

  • Adjusting the printer cutter: If the cutter is slightly off, then watch this video that shows how to adjust the tear-off setting to make a minor correction in the cutter placement.

The instructions will reference the QR code for configuration. Here are the QR codes for your event.

Packing Out

Once the show is over, all equipment will need to be packed in the provided cases. FedEx return labels will be located inside the folder that came with the shipment. The cases will need to be dropped off at the nearest FedEx location by the day after the last day of the event.

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