Check-in Attendees from Studio

Efficiently Manage Attendee Check-In from Studio.

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How to manually check-in attendees in Studio

Before checking-in people for the event, they need to be registered,

It is possible for the Organizer of the event to manually check-in attendees from the Studio.

  1. Log into the Studio

  2. Select the person you want to check-in in Content ➡️ People.

  3. Click on the Registration tab then Check-in.

You can also Undo check-in, Cancel the registration and Print their badge from this page.

If the person hasn't registered yet, you won't be able to do the check-in.

You will have to Select a ticket first then do the check-in.

How to track registration status and checked-in attendees

You can also track the registration status of your attendees via the People tab.

To have more information on the people in each category, just click on either of them.

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