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Checkpoints with SwapAccess
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💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

With Checkpoints, you can seamlessly scan attendees at various locations using SwapAccess app, to track or control access at any location, such as a venue entrance.

You will be able to monitor who goes in and out with attendee tracking or utilize access control to limit your attendees based on their group. Similar to Onsite Session Tracking, Checkpoints will work offline and sync all of the scan data whenever an Internet connection is available.

Creating Checkpoints

Start creating checkpoints in Studio with this seamless process:

  1. Go into SwapAccess menu item.

  2. Click on Create a checkpoint. A pop-up will open, allowing you to specify your checkpoint's details.

There are two different scan modes:

  • Attendance tracking: this helps you know how many of your attendants entered a specific venue.

  • Access control by group: this will help you grant access for groups created while building your event (e.g.: meeting rooms for exhibitors only, VIP room, back entrance for speakers only).

If you select Access control by group, you will have to choose which groups will be allowed into the space or venue.

Defining a date and time range allows you to define different access rules according to time, or to get a better segmentation of your analytics per day.

Scanning onsite using SwapAccess

Then, you will need to browse through all checkpoints you have created, and select the one to start scanning for.

  1. Click on Browse all checkpoints

2. Associate checkpoints with the device by clicking on the bookmarking button. You can also filter checkpoints by scan mode (attendance tracking or access control).

3. All the bookmarked checkpoints will now appear.

4. Click on a checkpoint to start scanning badges (either in or out).

Every time you scan a new badge, you'll see details on how many scans have already been done.

Supervising the scans done

Once you've created your checkpoints and started scanning attendees, you will be able to track the scans on Studio.

You can also remove a scan if necessary ↘️

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