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Creating Items (Products, Projects, Job Offers, etc.)
Creating Items (Products, Projects, Job Offers, etc.)
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In Swapcard, you can create Items (Products, Projects, Job Offers, etc.) that Participants will be able to browse and bookmark. Your Exhibitors will be able to import them from the Exhibitor Center.

To create Items, log in to the Studio, go to the Content display, and select Items.

There, you have the following options:

  • Import via an Excel file, which allows you to add or edit Items in bulk

  • Import from another event in the Community, which allows you to attach existing content from an event within the same Community

  • Create manually

  • Item settings allow you to create item types, subcategories, and custom fields.

How to: Import Items using an Excel file

To import your Items in bulk by leveraging the Excel file, you first need to download the Excel template. You can either import all Items at once or split them by type of Items.

The Excel template contains four different sheets:

  • Item

  • Categories (read-only)

  • Exhibitors (read-only)

  • Custom fields (read-only)

In the first sheet, you will need to enter the data for all the Items that you want to create. In Sheets 2 to 4, you will find all the Categories/Exhibitors/Custom field IDs that you can use for the creation and proper organization of your Items. Make sure to copy/paste the IDs properly!

It's also fundamental that the structure of the template isn't altered. Make sure you don't delete any sheet or column and complete all the columns marked as "Required" before you upload the Excel file into Swapcard. Finally, avoid special characters.

Once done, you can save the Excel file and import it into Swapcard.

How to: Import from another event in the Community

If you wish to import Items from another event in the same Community, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the event you want to import content from (make sure the event is part of the same Community)

  • Download the content by clicking on "Export" to download the Excel file

  • In the Excel file, keep only the content you want to link to your new event

  • Upload the content to your new event

How to: Create Items Manually

If you have few Items and have sleepless nights because of spreadsheets, creating your Items manually might be a better option for you.

Pick a category (read: Creating Items categories), a name, and a description for your Item. On the next screen, you can upload an image for the Item you just created and finally link it to the Exhibitor of your choice.

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