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Enhance networking with our AI Smart Meeting Generator
Enhance networking with our AI Smart Meeting Generator
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The Smart Meeting Generator is an AI-powered solution designed to automate meeting scheduling and boost networking by matching participants based on their shared goals, interests, and knowledge. This powerful feature ensures meaningful connections and maximizes the value of your event.

💎 This feature is a paid add-on.

How to set up meeting generation

Before generating meetings, you first need to create meetings slots. These slots are the timeframes dedicated to the meetings to be generated. Participants will have the opportunity to pick the ones that fit their specific schedules.

You can get more information on creating meeting slots here.

To start generating your meetings, proceed as follows :

  1. Create slots

    Go to Studio > Meetings > Slots.

    Click on “Create time slots”.

    Select the date and the duration.

  2. Create your locations

    Go to Studio > Meetings > Locations.

    Click on “Create location”.

    Enter the name, the category, and the location capacity.

Once you've set up slots and locations, you can create generation rules.

Create your generation rule

  1. Go to Studio > Meetings > AI Generator

  • Check “Allow people that are already connected to meet”, if you want to match people who already have a connection in the Event.

  • Check “Allow people of the same company to meet”, if you want to match people who work inside the same company.

  • Check “Allow participants to have meetings with multiple people from the same company” if you want to match one person with multiple persons from the same company.

2. Click “Add a group match”.

Select the groups you want to match.

We recommend that you have at least 50 completed profiles in total as well as a theme for your event. It will make it easier for the AI to match your attendees.

Generated meetings creation will only follow the rules defined inside the Generator rules and not the permissions defined in the tab Groups & Permissions.

If you want another match, click “Add match” and select the groups. The groups from the first match will not be able to meet the groups from the second match.

3. Select the locations for the matches.

Currently, unlimited locations (with unlimited capacity) cannot be used for Smart Meeting Generator.

4. Choose the dates and time slots for the matches.

5. Generate draft meetings

Click on “Generate draft meetings”.

A notification and an email will be sent as soon as the generation is completed.

Only 1:1 meetings are generated. It takes into account:

  • Users availabilities & visibility

  • Organizer time slots

  • Locations & location capacities

  • Groups matching

  • Existing meetings to avoid conflicts

  • The number of meeting each person has

  • AI matching

Manage generated meetings

The generated meetings will be displayed in the dashboard with the status “Draft”.

N.B. : Draft meetings are only visible to organizers. The email ''The draft are ready’ will be sent only to the organizer who set up Smart Meeting Generator.

Draft meetings block the slots and locations, it is important to confirm or cancel them as soon as possible.

In the dashboard, all meetings are visible and can be managed by the organizers.

Draft meetings can be edited, canceled, or confirmed.

To see the meeting details, just click on a meeting.

You can confirm all your meetings at once or select the ones you want to confirm.

Once the draft meetings are confirmed, their status changes to "Confirmed" and they become visible to attendees in the Event App.

Important Considerations

  • Ensure there are enough participants to generate meetings (at least 2).

  • Verify that a meeting organizer is assigned and their profile is part of the event.

  • If there is insufficient data to generate meetings, an error message will be displayed.

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