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Get started with Meetings
Get started with Meetings

Kickstart Effective Meeting Management with Swapcard: A Beginner's Guide to Understanding and Benefiting from this feature.

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Why Effective Meeting Management Increases Event Revenue and Enhances Attendees’ Satisfaction and Exhibitors’ ROI

For both attendees and exhibitors, preparing for an event by scheduling meetings in advance is a strategic move that maximizes efficiency and enhances the overall event experience. Proper preparation ensures that participants meet the right people, align meetings with the appropriate sales representatives, and utilize their time at the event effectively. Scheduling meetings reduces Exhibitors’ sales stress and increases the likelihood of meaningful connections and event ROI.

Organizers can create multiple meeting rules that align with their monetization strategies and tailor each participant's business goals and groups. This proactive approach allows organizers to facilitate targeted networking and boost event ROI.

Moreover, tracking meeting participation and managing the logistics of meetings through tools like meeting location and time slot selection are critical for maintaining a smooth event schedule and ensuring that all planned activities are executed as intended. The capability to monitor meetings, mark attendance, and track the status of each meeting (held, not held, confirmed, or canceled) provides valuable data that can be used to assess the effectiveness of the event strategy and make real-time adjustments.

This is why effective meeting management is not just a logistical necessity; it is a strategic asset that enhances the value and impact of the event for all stakeholders involved.

How to see your meetings

You can see and manage the event meetings through the meetings tab.

How to accept or decline meetings

When clicking on a meeting, you can cancel it or accept/decline a request if it is still pending.

How to create meetings between participants

You can also create meetings between participants by filling all the information needed:

  1. Go to the Studio in the Meetings tab

  2. Click on Create a meeting

  3. Select the participants

  4. Select a meeting slot

  • A meeting not confirmed or declined before the meeting date is automatically expired.

  • It is possible to export the meeting list, whether they are confirmed, canceled, pending or expired.

  • The organizer can't create mass meetings.

How to allow participants to make video meetings

To set up video meetings you first need to create the appropriate virtual Meeting Location, as explained here.

Once you've created the virtual meeting location, it will appear as one of the meeting locations.

How to edit confirmed meetings

As an Organizer, you can edit past confirmed meetings to :

  • add or remove participants

  • mark participants as attended, declined or absent to keep a record of who attended meetings

  • change the time of the meeting

  • change the location of the meeting

To do so, go to the Studio, in the Meetings section.

Click on All meetings, select the meeting you want to edit to open it then click on Edit.

How to export meetings from the Studio

To export your meetings from the Studio

  1. Go to the Studio in the Meetings tab

  2. Click on More at the far right of the meetings table

  3. Click on Export all

It will be downloaded as an excel file.

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