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Creating Meeting Slots
Creating Meeting Slots
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The Meetings feature enables participants to schedule and hold meetings during your event. Meeting scheduling is based on predefined Time Slots, Locations, and Rules set by the organizer.

How to create Meeting Slots

Here's how to do it:

  1. Define Times and Dates: Specify the start and end times and the dates for the meetings.

  2. Set Duration: Meeting durations can range from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

  3. Batch Creation: Create multiple Meeting Slots in batches. This is useful for scheduling meetings across multiple days or creating several slots in one go. Note that Meeting Slots cannot overlap; each slot must be unique in time.

Meetings duration can range from 5 minutes to 2 hours. You can easily add more than one batch at a time, in case you want to add Meetings for more than one day, or for several Meeting Slots. Meeting Slots can't overlap, so you can't create Meeting Slots at the same time as another.

The Create X Slots confirmation button will update live to show you the total number of Meeting Slots that will be generated with the batches you defined.

Attendee Considerations

  • Scheduling Requests: Attendees can only request meetings during the defined Meeting Slots.

  • Availability Preferences: While attendees cannot create, edit, or delete Meeting Slots, they can manage their availability. Using the preferences in the My Event section, attendees can mark themselves as unavailable for one or several Meeting Slots, preventing others from booking meetings with them during those times.

By effectively managing Meeting Slots and attendee availability, you ensure a streamlined and efficient meeting process that enhances networking opportunities and optimizes event engagement.

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