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Creating Meeting Slots
Creating Meeting Slots
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The Meetings feature allows Participants to meet during the Event.

Meetings scheduling is based on Time Slots, Locations, and Rules that are defined by the Organizer.

How to create Meeting Slots

To enable this feature, the first thing to do is to set up the different Meeting Slots available for your Participants to use for their Meetings.

To create Slots you must define the times, dates, as well as duration of all Meetings. Meeting Slots are created in batches, as shown below:

Meetings duration can range from 5 minutes to 2 hours. You can easily add more than one batch at a time, in case you want to add Meetings for more than one day, or for several Meeting Slots. Meeting Slots can't overlap, so you can't create Meeting Slots at the same time as another.

The Create X Slots confirmation button will update live to show you the total number of Meeting Slots that will be generated with the batches you defined.

Other Considerations for Attendees

Attendees can only request to meet during defined Meeting Slots. They can't create, edit, or delete Meeting Slots, but they can make themselves unavailable for one or several Meeting Slots using their preferences in the My Event section. By being unavailable, other Attendees won't be able to book a meeting with them during the blocked Meeting Slots.

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