Creating Meeting Locations
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As an Organizer you can create multiple Meeting Locations to host the different Meetings that will take place during your Event. In addition to the Locations you create on your own, such as meeting rooms or other venues, the list of Locations will also show the different Exhibitor Booths by name or number, as well as a Virtual Location if it applies to your Event.

How to create Meeting Locations

Under the Locations tab, you will see a list of the different Locations available for Attendees to hold their Meetings. This list will automatically display, if available, the Locations of the different Exhibitors, as well as the Locations created manually by you as the Organizer.

To add new Locations click on the Add Locations button.

In the next screen, as shown above, you can choose a name for the Location, the meeting capacity, and whether it is a virtual or physical space. To keep the Locations organized and make it easier to find them when requesting Meetings, you can also organize them by categories, such as nearby venues or halls.

  • Categories enable you to group rooms together. It can be used for places in the same area (floor, hall, zone,...).

  • Names help to quickly identify the meeting space. It can be a Booth number or the name of a room.

  • The meeting capacity determines the maximum number of Meetings that can occur at the same time at this Location.

  • The Virtual toggle allows you to choose between creating virtual meeting spaces, via a video call room, or physical ones. For hybrid Events, it is ideal to have both types of spaces available.

You will be able to edit this information at any time from the detail tab of any Location, and also delete any one of them.

Default meeting location capacity

Through the Default meeting location capacity, you can define the default capacity of the number of meetings that a location can receive per slot. This capacity will be assigned to all new locations created after you set up this limit. A capacity set to '1' means the location can only hold one meeting at a time.

If you have already created a location before setting this up you will need to modify this manually after.

When you set up this default capacity, you can always increase or decrease it at your discretion when creating a new location. Please note that these settings can only be altered by Organizers.

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