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How to create a live feed for your event
How to create a live feed for your event
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Pages are the gates to your Community and Event. With them, you can manage how to display your content. As there are several types of Pages in Swapcard, here you will learn about the Feed page.

Before you set up the page, it is recommended to create your feed channel(s), learn how here.

The Feed page will give attendees the possibility to post messages and pictures, and react and comment on other posts.

Learn more about the basics of Pages with this article: Setting up your event's pages.

How to create the feed page

  1. Go to the studio

  2. Click on Event builder ➡️ Pages & Menu

  3. Create a new page

  4. Choose Feed

How to manage your feed settings

Editing the design

When you're creating your page you can edit the following information in the design tab:

  • Label

  • Color

  • Button background image

  • Page background image

Managing the visibility settings

Here you can decide which Group(s) of Participants can see the Feed page and its content.

This can be particularly helpful if you want a certain group to only be able to interact with participants within that same group (example: those who purchased a special type of ticket).


Under the Data tab, you can select which feed channel you want to be displayed under the feed page. You can select several Feed Channels.

At Community level, the Event name will be displayed under the Feed Channel name. Any member of your Community will be able to view, post, comment, and react to any Feed Channel you’ve made accessible in the Community view regardless of their Event settings.

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