Creating Feed Channels
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Feed Channels are particularly useful for your Events if you want Attendees to have the ability to interact with each other in a similar way that most individuals have been used to through the social media platforms we all know.

How to set up Feed channels

1. In the Studio, go to Event builder → Content display to create a Feed Content Button. This Content Button will be used to link your Feed Channel on your Event Homepage and in the top navigation bar.

2. Go to Content → Feed Channels, and click on the Create a Feed button.

3. In the popup window, pick a Label (name), a Colour and a BG image and hit Create.

Feed Channels engagement

In the Feed Channels view, Organizers can quickly get an overview of the engagement of each Feed Channel through the Post column.

Feed Channels settings

Once you click on a Feed Channel from the list of created channels, you will be able to see all the posts published on that channel (Posts tab) and also define which Group(s) can do what in that particular channel. Ticking the corresponding box, as shown below, will enable a particular Group (first column) to do the ticked action. Here's a list of all possible actions:

  • View: tick if the Group should be able to see the content of the channel

  • Post: tick if the Group should be able to post content in the channel

  • Comment: tick if the Group should be able to comment on posts published in the channel

  • React: tick if the Group should be able to react (with emojis) on posts published in the channel

  • Moderate: tick if the Group should be able to delete anyone's post or comment in the channel

How it looks for Attendees

Attendees will be able to access your Feed Channels through the Feed Content Button located on your Event Homepage and/or in the Event's top navigation bar.

Once clicked, Attendees will have access to a view of the first Feed Channel listed and will have the ability to quickly jump from one Feed Channel to another through the left navigation area.

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