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Creating a group discussion
Creating a group discussion
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A group discussion allows the participants of an event to chat with each other and share their live impressions, documents, or images. It can be linked to a session, or to the event home page. There are several ways to create a group discussion:

In the Studio Menu:

You simply have to click on the Discussions tab found under Content.

Then, indicate the name you want to give to your group discussion and its description.

Once created, you have the option to attach this discussion to a button on the main page of the event. Thus, the user will be able to access the discussion they wish, through the Event Home interface. Indeed, it's possible to attach several discussions to a button in the Event Home.

To learn more about the visibility of discussions on the home page, see How do I make discussions appear on my event home?

You can also restrict access to a discussion to a certain group of participants. For more information, go to How to edit the icons to implement multicontent?

In a session:

In a session, you can create a Live discussion, in which participants can react live and ask questions and take polls. To do this, you just have to go to the "Details" of the session of your choice and create the name of your discussion in the field provided for this purpose.

If the session includes a streaming video, the discussion will always appear on the right side of the screen during the broadcast:

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