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Getting Started with the Email Manager
Getting Started with the Email Manager
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The Email Manager, which can be found in the Studio under Event → Communications → Emails plays a crucial role in an Event's communication strategy.

With an effective strategy in place, Organizers will be able to leverage the capabilities of the Email Manager to set up their audience for success, by providing them with timely and useful content to enable them to register, network, and navigate the Event.

From the Email Manager, Organizers are able to manage three types of emails:

  • Registration email
    The Registration confirmation email is automatically sent to Registrants when Swapcard is set

  • Invitation email
    The Invitation email informs Participants an Event is live. A link allows them to automatically log in and choose a password (valid 48h).

  • Reminder and follow-up emails
    The Reminder and follow-up emails are essential to onboard and activate Participants before an Event. For example, for Participants who have signed up but haven't performed any action in the app.

In addition to these, which are owned by the Organizer, Swapcard may send additional emails to Participants. These are not listed, and therefore can't be controlled through the Email Manager. For more details, please review List of emails sent by Swapcard

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For multilingual Events, automatic Emails are sent in the Event's default language – the one picked under Event builder → General information → Languages.

For Organizers willing to submit custom emails in different languages, Participants will need to be segmented into Groups according to their language preferences. Those Groups will need to be used as Target for the corresponding Emails.

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