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Captello Content Button: use case and settings
Captello Content Button: use case and settings
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Buttons are the gates to your Event and Community! With them, you can manage how to display your Event content. There are several types of Content Buttons in Swapcard:

– Here you will learn more about the Captello Content Button, which is available at Event level only.

To learn more about the basics and setup steps of Content Buttons, please check Setting up Content Buttons.


Event builder → Content display → Content Buttons → Add Button → Add-On section

This option displays the Captello integrated module (third-party service). Based on the Captello Zone URL.

Use case

Captello, as a third-party service, provides various gamification experiences including Leaderboards, Scavenger Hunt, AND Gift Card Rewards to engage your Event Participants.


It allows you to choose and edit the Button name, its color, an icon if you want to add it, and a background in case you have a default design.


You can decide which Group(s) of Participants can see the Captello Content Button and its content. This can be particularly helpful if you only want a certain Group to be able able to participate (for example: those who purchased the VIP/Gold ticket, or have another type of upper-tier status)



In the Data tab, you can add or edit the Captello URL that you want to connect with your Content Button. You can also decide whether you want the Captello module to open in a new tab, or be displayed as an embedded iFrame within the Swapcard app.

Attendees View:

This is how the Captello button redirects to their platform is shown to your participants (Home page used as an example):

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