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Understanding Email Campaigns
Understanding Email Campaigns
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Email Campaigns enable you to set your target audience just once, ensuring that all emails within that campaign are sent to the specified group. This streamlines the process for Organizers, eliminating the manual task of selecting the target audience for each email, thereby saving time and effort.

Setting up Email Campaigns

To set up an Email Campaign:

  1. Open the Studio and select Communications > Emails.

  2. On the right-hand side, click "Create a campaign".

  3. You'll be prompted to name the campaign and determine its target audience(s).

Once configured, any email crafted within this campaign will automatically be sent to the previously designated targets. Please note that a campaign can feature various email types:

  • One-time: Dispatched once to a target user on a specific date.

  • Continuous: Sent to participants immediately upon their registration for the event.

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