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Custom Signing Process - iOS
Updated over a week ago

There are situations when client may not want to give us access to their developer portal. In that case one of the solutions to build the app for them is to use a certificate and profile generated by them.

🧵 How to manually add existing certificates to the Fastlane match article by Sarunw is a nice read to follow along this doc.

Obtain Certificate & Profile

In order to sign the app we will need 3 files:

  • Certificate.cer

  • CertificatePrivateKey.p12 + Password

  • Profile.mobileprovision


Client needs to:

  • Generate an Apple Distribution certificate

    • Not an iPhone Distribution certificate

  • Download it

  • Save to Keychain

  • Export Certificate item from Keychain with the .cer file format
  • Export Certificate Private Key item from Keychain with the .p12 file format

  • Share the Certificate, Certificate Private Key & the Password of the Certificate Private Key

Provisioning Profile

Client needs to:

  • Generate a Provisioning Profile with the following set of capabilities:

    • Associated domains

    • Data protection - Complete

    • Push notifications

  • Download it

  • Share it with us

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