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Setting Up Crowd Connected to send notifications to your app
Setting Up Crowd Connected to send notifications to your app
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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Crowd Connected integrations.


  • An active Crowd Connected account.

Setup guide

Step 1: Set up the Swapcard integration in Crowd Connected

  1. Navigate to your Messaging page within the left menu.

  2. On the Messaging page, click on the gear logo ⚙️.

  3. To activate the integration, you will need six parameters:

    1. Push Message Provider: Default Integration

    2. Endpoint: https://webhook-api[.]swapcard[.]com/crowd-connected

    3. Alias Key: swapcard_event_person_id

    4. Event Id: You need to enter your Swapcard Event ID (ex: RXZlbnRfNDY2MTA=)

    5. API Key: You can create it from Swapcard Studio, please follow this steps

  4. Click on Save Push Provider settings.

  5. Confirm your changes by typing the Crowd Connected consent message.

Supported integration link


The Crowd Connected integration supports the following internal link

To redirect the audience to an exhibitor page, for example, you need to compose the external link in this way:

[link_type]:[Swapcard ID]

e.g.: exhibitor:RXhoaWJpdG9yXzEyODE0OTA=

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