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Deleting App from Appstore and Play Console
Deleting App from Appstore and Play Console

How to remove app from apple store and google play store

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Removing an app from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store involves different procedures and requirements. Here’s a general guide for each platform:

Apple App Store:

  1. Access your Apple Developer Account:

  2. Select the App:

    • Find the app you want to remove in your app list.

  3. Remove the App:

    • Click on the app's name.

    • Go to the "Pricing and Availability" section under Monetization

    • Scroll down to the "App Availability" section

    • Click on "Manage" and the Manage availability

    • Select None from the Country or Region Availability pop up and hit next and confirm

  4. Submit Changes:

    • After confirming the removal, submit any changes or updates to Apple for review.

Once done it can take up to 24 hours for the app to be removed from stores for new users

Google Play Store:

  1. Access Google Play Console:

  2. Select the App:

    • Find your app in the list of published apps

  3. Remove the App:

    • Click on the app's name.

    • Go to the "Advance setting" under setup section

    • Click on "Unpublish" to remove the app from the Play Store

  4. Confirm Unpublishing:

    • Confirm your decision to unpublish the app

    • Follow any additional prompts or instructions to complete the process

  5. Communicate with Users:

    • Consider notifying your app users about the app's removal through your app's communication channels or website.

Please reach out to your CSM or support team if the app is under Swapcard developer account

It’s important to note that removing an app from the app stores does not automatically uninstall the app from users' devices. Users who already have the app installed will still have access to it unless you implement measures within the app to restrict its functionality or prompt users to uninstall it.

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