Changing the owner of an Organization
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What's an Owner?

By default, the owner of an Organization is the person who first created the Event or Community, and as such, becomes the main responsible to manage it. This person will have full access to change all settings and information of any events within this community.

However, as people change jobs, it is sometimes necessary for a company to change the person who owns their Organization in Swapcard.

How to:

1) Log in to the Studio.

2) Click on your Organization's name.

3) Select "Settings & Members".

4) Click on Invite a Member. If you haven't added any other member as an Admin no other member of the Organization will be eligible to become the owner of the Organization. To add someone as an Admin, please refer to this article.

5) On "Invite a Member", add the email of the account you desire to make admin. Select the role "Admin", and "Add Member".

6) Once added to the Organization as an Admin, an invitation will be sent to the email account that was added. This invitation will be market as "Pending Invitation" until the account owner accepts the role. Once accepted, they will become admin of the community.

Obs.: It's important to understand that there can only be one owner per Organization. This is a transfer of ownership from one user to another – it's not about providing ownership rights to an additional member.

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