Creating a twine page
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Pages are the gates to your Community and Event. With them, you can manage how to display your content. As there are several types of Pages in Swapcard, here you will learn about the webview page.

Twine, as a third-party service, provides various matchmaking modes including Roulette, A/B, and Tag-based to connect Event Participants for timed 1:1 or small group discussions.

Learn more about the basics of Pages with this article: Setting up your event's pages.



Displays the Twine integrated module (third-party service). Based on Room ID.


As for the rest of content buttons, you will be able to customize Twine's with its own label, color, and/or background:



You can decide which Group(s) of Participants can see the Twine Content Button and its content. This can be particularly helpful if you want a certain Group to only be able to interact with Participants within that same Group (i.e.: those who purchased the VIP/Gold ticket, or have another type of upper-tier status)



In the Data tab, you can add or edit the Twine Room ID that you want to connect with your Content Button. You can also decide whether you want the Twine module to open in a new tab, or be displayed as an embedded iFrame within the Swapcard app.


Attendees View:

This is how the Twine button redirects to their platform and is shown to your participants (Twine website used as an example):

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