How to add members to an exhibitor?
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Adding members to an exhibiting organization give them several privileges:

  • be able to modify their company's page

  • be able to answer and assign the meeting requests received

  • be able to share with other members the contacts made during the event

There are two ways to associate members with an exhibitor:

Manually (quick add)

  • From the organizer interface, click on one of the exhibitors and go to the "Members" tab.

  • A drop-down menu then offers you the opportunity to choose among the participants already registered in the platform

Note* The members need to have been created as attendees beforehand.

By Excel import (mass add)

  • From the organizer interface, go to the "Event Data > People" tab and click on "Add people."

  • Choose "Import via Excel file," select "Exhibitors" and click on "Download."

  • Add your members as basic participants.

  • In the AD column, indicate the ID of the exhibitor to which you wish to attach this member. You will find the corresponding ID for each exhibitor on the 3rd page of this Excel file ("Exhibitors (read only)").

  • You can now import your file!

Note* The exhibitor entities must have been created beforehand.

Note* Exhibitors can also add members to their booth on the Exhibitor Centre (if the feature has been enabled by you, the event organizer) by clicking on “Your team> Add Member." The person will need to registered to the event beforehand.

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