Adding a streaming video to a Session
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Which streaming tool can I use to embed my video into Swapcard?

With Swapcard, you have three options to add a video to your event:

  1. Swapcard Backstage (only for live streams)

  2. RMTP stream from 3rd party tools (OBS, Zoom, Restream, etc.)

  3. Embedded video hosting platform ( YouTube, Vimeo, any iFrame - use the video ID)

  4. Video File. (Pre-recorded simulating live broadcasting)

Once you have selected your video source, you have the option of one of the two cases below:

Live streaming videos

  1. There is only one speaker: you can broadcast the video directly on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sources and get an associated video ID or iFrame.

  2. There are several speakers: you need to use a platform that is compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, or another video source to get the associated video ID or iFrame. In this case, there are several platforms or software that allow you to make your video and that are compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video sources.

Pre-recorded videos

  1. If your video is already uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, or another video source, you don't have to do anything but copy its link.

  2. If your video has been recorded on another platform, we recommend that you use a broadcasting software such as Restream which allows broadcasting on many platforms including YouTube and Vimeo.

On-demand videos

  1. Link a video that will be available at any moment (similar to Pre-recorded), but session dates will be hidden.

Once you have the YouTube or Vimeo ID, or iFrame, integration into Swapcard is very simple.

How to set up the integration of a streaming video into Swapcard?

  1. After creating a session, click on it in your Studio. Select Format & Video section and select your session type.

  2. Choose among :

    • No video (In-person)*,

    • Swapcard Backstage,

    • RMTP stream from 3rd party tool,

    • Embedded video hosting platform,

    • Video file

    • Roundtable.

How does it look like to users?

Before the availability time:

  • More than 24 hours before: the availability date and time will be displayed.

  • Less than 24 hours before: a countdown will be added to the previous display.


From the availability time:
The video will be displayed at the top of the session page and will start automatically (except on Safari for which the user will have to click on Play). Participants will then be able to watch the video, in full-screen mode if they wish.

You can also add Live discussions to your session to encourage your participants to interact with each other and ask questions of the speakers.


Adding closed captioning for Sessions

Closed captioning is available for RTMP Live stream sessions, Simu-live Pre-recorded Sessions, and Backstage sessions. It is also currently only available in English.

Activating Closed captioning

In the Event app, Attendees only need to click on the CC button available within the player to activate Closed captioning.

Closed captioning AI

Auto-generated artificial intelligence CC, English language only. This is set by default on the player in the Event app. Users can enable it at no extra cost by pressing the CC button embedded in the player.

Closed captioning Professional

  • A powerful AI tool supported by a professional to monitor each Session. The closed captioning professional will be correcting the live closed captions provided with no delay. At the moment this can only be enabled manually and at an extra cost of $250 per Session.

  • We require at least 3 days of advanced notice in order to assign a closed captioning professional to your Session.

  • Specific words can be submitted to teach the AI and assist the professionals to be 100% accurate with the closed captions. Service is only available in English at this time.

  • CC is available for both the Web platform and mobile apps and is also shown within the Studio's preview windows.

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