Moderated Stage feature for Roundtable Sessions
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With the Roundtables on Swapcard, you can also opt to add in the Moderated Stage feature. When this option is enabled for either a Video or Audio roundtable, the view will be split into two sections: Stage and Participants.

By default, each Moderator joins the section entitled On stage and each participant joins the section below as a Spectator. Spectators must ask the Moderators to be allowed on stage.

When a Spectator is given permission to go on stage, that participant will then have the ability to turn their camera and mic On.

If the participant wants to go on stage, the participant must click on the Raise hand icon.


Moderators are able to see the list of people with their hand raised, and can then choose which Spectators are allowed on stage by clicking on the 3 dots next to the participant and selecting Invite on stage from the drop down menu that appears.


When finished, participants can manually leave the stage or the Moderator can remove them from the stage.

Up to 20 people are allowed on the moderated stage at the same time, this means that only 20 people will be able to have their camera and/or microphone on at the same time.

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