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Downloading Analytics Reports
Downloading Analytics Reports
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If you want to dig deeper into your Event's Analytics and get more insights than what's available through the Analytics Dashboard, head to the Studio and go to Analytics → Reports.

To download a report, you simply need to select which one you need from the list available, and then define the date range and the settings specific to said report. These will vary depending on the type of data and feature, as you can see below:



General metrics

Networking summary for Attendees and Exhibitors. Active users and platform usage information.


Session registrations, attendance, and feedback

List of People registered for Sessions, with scan-in and out dates, their ratings, and comments (if any).

Live Session Discussion messages and questions

List of messages and questions sent in the Live Discussion of Sessions.

Poll answers

List of people who answered Polls during Sessions, with their results.

Video streaming

List of People who watched the Session's streaming video, with dates and durations.


List of People who joined the Roundtables, with dates.


Exhibitors' pages, Ads, Docs, and Items views and bookmarks

List of People who have seen or bookmarked the Exhibitors or their Items, seen or clicked on their Ads, or downloaded their Documents.

Item views and bookmarks

List of People who have seen or bookmarked Items, and list of Items with total number of views and bookmarks.

Event Home

Event home ads

List of people who have seen or clicked on the event home advertising.

Event home sponsors

List of people who clicked on the event home sponsors.

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