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Branded Apps journey

Step by step guidance of branded apps requirements

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At Swapcard you can specifically develop branded apps to represent and promote the brand in a digital space, providing a dedicated platform for users to interact with the brand's content, products, or services. Branded apps are created to enhance brand visibility, engage customers, and offer a unique user experience.

Key features and purposes of branded apps may include:

  • Brand Presence: Branded apps solidify your digital footprint, providing users with easy access to your information and engaging with your brand via their mobile devices.

  • Customer Engagement: These apps offer a direct line for companies to connect with their customers, share news, and foster a community centered around their brand.

  • Push Notifications: Utilize push notifications to keep your audience updated on new offerings, updates, or special promotions, promoting frequent use of the app.​

How to setup my branded app?

1. Setting up your developer account

  • Without a Developer Account: To publish your branded app on app stores, you'll need your organization's developer accounts. If you're considering a branded app, we advise starting the process to acquire a developer account early, as it can take 3 - 4 weeks.

    Refer to this help article for more details on obtaining developer accounts.

  • With an Existing Developer Account: If you already have developer accounts, you can directly use them. If you've granted us access previously, please add as an admin to your Apple account and to your Google account. For guidance on adding users, consult this help article.

2. Sharing your app content

After adding Swapcard to your developer accounts, we'll need to compile all graphics and content for your app. We request that you fill out a Typeform with this information.

Make sure that you go through the instructions mentioned on the typeform before you start working on it. If needed, you can also watch this video on how to fill in the or you can also go through this help article.

You can access the typeform link here.

Once we receive the typeform , our app building team will start working on your app, and your branded web app will be ready up to 48 hours.

Please note that when submitting the mobile app to the stores, the approval time for the app to go live is 14 days but it may vary based on the volume of requests the stores receive at the time.

Post approval:

Once your app is approved we will share the app url's, so that you can start marketing your app and engage your audience.
We highly recommend that you go through this article to know more about how to market your branded app.

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