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Understanding and sending Magic Links
Understanding and sending Magic Links
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Magic Links are the special links provided to Attendees and Exhibitors that will allow them to access their accounts directly. There are two ways they can receive their Magic Link:

Via the invitation email sent by the Event Organizer

The Organizer will provide Attendees and Exhibitors with the first Magic Link which is attached to the invitation email. That link will last 48 hours only. Afterward, the link will no longer be valid. When clicking on the link, they will be redirected to log in with their email and password (which has not yet been defined). If the Attendees and Exhibitors contact you to say that the 48-hour window has passed and that the link is no longer valid, please tell them to contact the Swapcard team here and fill out the form. Our team will then assist them in gaining access to their account.

Via the Studio

If they have missed the window to use the Magic Link sent to them through the invitation email, you can send them a new link directly from the Studio. For security reasons, this particular Magic Link will last 3 hours, rather than the initial 48 hours for the invitation email.

To send Magic Links, head to the Content > People section and select the Attendees you wish to target. This will make the "Send Magic Link By Email" button appear. Once you have selected all the Attendees you wish to send Magic Links to, click on said button

Right after, you will see a popup listing the Attendees you are about to email. Click on the button again to confirm the Magic Link(s) submission.

Once they have utilized the Magic Link, they can now login at any time via and enter their email address and password.

Please note you can select as many people as you want at the same time. A limit is set every 20 minutes, meaning you can't send a Magic Link more than three times to the same person. The email containing the Magic Link will be sent by (unless you have a defined custom email).

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