Managing an exhibitor's details
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Who can edit an exhibitor's details ?

The organizer

In your organizer area, you can add or modify the following information:

  • Name of the exhibitor

  • Logo of the exhibitor

  • Background Image

  • Header Image

  • Video ID

  • Description

  • Location

  • Topics

  • Type

  • Website

  • Social networks

If you don't have all this information, know that you can add exhibitor members who will then be able to access and modify their exhibitor page. You can now modify the rights of the exhibitor to edit their information. This option is available for either a specific group of exhibitors (exhibitor type/Sponsorship Level) or for individual exhibitors.

Exhibitor members

Once they are related to their company, the members have therefore access to their own exhibitor area. They can then modify certain pieces of information displayed on their exhibitor page, but not all of them:

  • Name of the exhibitor

  • Logo of the exhibitor

  • Description

  • Header Image

  • Video Header

  • Advertising Background

  • Image Booth

  • Address

  • Website

  • Email

  • Phone numbers

  • Social Networks

  • Items

  • Team Members

That being said, they won't be able to modify the following details:

  1. Location

  2. Topics

  3. Type

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