Editing the Exhibitor Center's welcome message
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Where to edit my Exhibitor Home Message?

In the Swapcard studio, go to the "Content > Exhibitors" then click on "Exhibitors settings" (top right):

On the third tab "Home message", you have the possibility to modify the message that we have configured by default.

This is the first message your exhibitors will see when they connect to the Exhibitor center.

You can also create different messages per exhibitor group in case you have more than one type of exhibitor.

What content to include in the Exhibitor Home Message?

This message is an opportunity to remind your exhibitors about important information and dates related to your event. Here is a non-exhaustive list of information that you can share via the exhibitors' welcome message:

  • Event dates

  • Any "deadline" linked to exhibitors

  • Reminder of the different contact points (e-mail, telephone number)

  • Advice in terms of accommodation and access conditions to the event on D-Day and/or during the stand preparation days

View of Home Message from the Exhibitor Center:

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