Creating Live Discussions
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Live Discussions allow Participants to interact and chat among themselves and with Speakers, ask Questions, and answer Polls on Sessions.

As long as the event is Live and the Live Discussion is enabled in the Studio, Participants will be able to post and see the interactions that have already taken place.

This means that Participants with access to the Session will be able to interact in it before it starts and after it has finished, as long as the Live Discussion is enabled.

Adding or removing the Live Discussion from your Session

To disable the Live discussion on your Session, go to the Sessions tab on the Content module of your Studio. Select the appropriate Session and under the Details tab scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on Remove Live Discussion or Add Live Discussion to disable or enable it.

The different tabs of Live Discussions (Chat, Questions, Polls)

The Live Discussion is separated into 3 tabs: Chat, Questions, and Polls. By default, all 3 tabs are displayed in the Live Discussion at all times. In other words, you cannot deactivate one of the tabs.

1. Chat

This tab allows your Participants to interact among themselves as well as with the ongoing Session. The Event Organizers can choose to have a member of their team who will be in charge of engaging the Participants by keeping the Live Discussion lively at all times.

2. Questions

This tab allows your Participants to ask questions to the Speakers or the Organizing Team of the Session. Other Participants will be able to Thumbs up questions from their end if they wish to upvote them.

3. Polls

This tab allows your Participants to answer the Polls created specifically for the Session in question. They can be created and deleted by either the Event Organizer or by the Speakers. The latter, however, can only do so in their respective Sessions. Both Speakers and Organizers can see the results of the voting directly on the Polls tab, in the Session's Live Discussion.

For more information on Polls, please read our Polls user guide.

Other considerations

  • If you disable the Live discussion on your Session, and then re-enable it, all previous chat interactions will be lost, along with any asked Questions. Polls will remain and, if still active, will show on the Live discussion widget.

  • Due to privacy concerns, chat conversations in the Live discussion cannot be exported.

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