Managing Polls (Polls user guide)
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The Live interactions offers a way for a Session's Attendees to interact among themselves and with Speakers or Moderators. It allows Participants to chat, ask Questions and answer Polls.

The tab 'Polls' is automatically refreshed every 15 sec. It is also refreshed every time when the Participant moves between Live interactions tabs.

Different Poll types

There are two types of polls: Quiz and Opinion. The main differences among them are that:

  • All Opinions are tallied equally, while in a Quiz there can be correct answers.

  • Event Organizers can vote on Opinion-type polls, but they cannot answer Quizzes.

Both Poll types will consist of a question, one or more answers and two time mentions: how long since the poll was posted and how long until it closes. If votes have been made public, the vote count and the results will appear there too.

Both Opinion and Quiz type polls can be either single or multiple option:

Opinion polls can be either Single or Multiple choice. The results will be shown in terms of percentages.

Single choice options will be shaped as bullet points and each Participant will only be able to select one of them. On the other hand, Multiple choice options are checkboxes and multiple answers can be selected.

Quiz type polls can have One correct answer or Multiple correct answers, which you will be able to select when creating this content.

How to create a Poll

To add a poll to a Session, an Organizer must:

  1. Access the desired Session in the Event Platform.

  2. Open the Live Discussion box by clicking on Live interaction at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  3. Select the Polls tab, then press the Create a poll button

  4. Enter a Question and select its type: Opinion or Quiz and Single or Multiple choices/answers

  5. Enter all your possible answer options. You can rearrange or delete them if required

    • In case of a Quizzes, select the correct answer or answers by selecting the checkmark next to the answer​

  6. Select from the dropdown list when you want to share the poll results with Session Attendees:

    • Never - attendees will not have access to the results

    • Once answers have been submitted - results will only be visible after the Participant submits their option

    • Once the poll is closed - Results will be visible when the Poll's duration time concludes

    • Always - Results will always be displayed, even before participants submit their answer

  7. Select the poll duration: how long it will be receiving answers - from 30 seconds up to 72 hours.

  8. You can now preview and Publish the Poll, or choose to Save and publish it later

IMPORTANT: Once a Poll has been created, it cannot be edited. To make changes to a poll, please delete it and create it again.

How to publish a saved Poll

Once you have created the content for the poll, you can choose to publish it at that moment or save it to be published. Saved Polls will need to be published manually at the desired time.

Saved polls are displayed on the Polls tab of the Session's Live discussion for Organizers. Attendees cannot see them.

To publish it, click the three-dot menu next to the poll question, then select Publish poll.

You will then be able to select a Poll duration - from 30 seconds to 72 hours. Click on the Publish button to make it visible to Attendees immediately.

Deleting a Poll

Only a published Poll can be deleted.

Access the Session on the platform, then navigate to the Polls tab of the Live discussion. Click on the three-dot menu next to the poll question to access its menu, then select Delete poll to permanently erase it.

A deleted Poll cannot be restored and any results it may have gathered will be permanently lost.

Exporting Poll results

You can export a Poll's results individually by accessing the Session on the platform, then navigating to the Polls tab of the Live discussion. Click on the three-dot menu next to the poll question to access its menu, then select Export answers to download an Excel file with its results.

You can also export an Excel file with all the Session's Poll results, by going in the Studio, going on the Analytics tab, clicking on Export detailed statistics, and selecting Polls result.

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