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Editing the Emails content and blocks
Editing the Emails content and blocks
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Email properties

When opening an email in the Email Manager, under the "Email properties" section on the right-hand side, you can edit:

  • The email's subject line.

  • The sender's name (typically set as the Event's name).

  • The sending's date and time.

Email content and blocks

In the content section of the email,

By clicking on the email blocks on the left-hand side, you can edit the following information:

  • Image type ( top image )

  • Body title

  • Body text

You can also choose the redirection when clicking on an image or on the call-to-action button.

The redirection views can be any Community or Event view created from the list below:

  • Participants

  • Schedule

  • Live Session

  • On-demand video library

  • Exhibitors

  • Items

  • News Feed

  • Webview

  • My Favorites

While you're editing your email, you can check a preview on the left side.

To enhance personalization in your emails, there are three distinct content variables available:

  • ##{{{first_name}}} = First name of the recipient

  • ##{{{event_name}}} = Name of your Event

  • ##{{{application_name}}} = Name of your Branded App

As you scroll through the preview window, there's a link titled "New block." By clicking on it, you can add extra blocks to your email.

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