How to submit a Branded App request
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To have a Branded app created for you organisation, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will send you a Typeform link that will let you upload customised details for your branded app.

After you receive the link, refer to the following steps for a clear understanding on how to submit the form.

Step 1: App Creation

1. Enter the email of the Organization Owner.


2. Select "New app submission" if you would like to create a new application or "Update to an existing app" to make changes to an older application.


3. If you wish to strictly have a Branded Web App, select the "Web" option. To have both a Branded Web and Mobile App, select "Web+mobile."


4. Confirm whether you obtained your developer account.


If you have not, please select "No." You will be given instructions on how to obtain the account.


5. If you have already obtained your developer account, you will then need to confirm whether you purchased app maintenance or not.


6. Accept the terms listed in the final question before submitting the form.

7. Generate your API key and upload it to the form.

8. Share the name of your developer account.


Step 2: App Customization

1. Indicate the name of your Branded App.


2. Upload your Branded application's icon.


Please make sure to follow the file format requirements.

3. Indicate your application's slug.


The slug will appear in the event's URL so please make sure to indicate the final slug you would like to use.


4. Indicate the font name and upload your chosen font's files.


Please make sure to follow the file format requirements.

5. Indicate the colors you would like to use to customize your application.


Step 3: Publication

1. Submit your application's logo. The logo will appear on the loading screen of the app before attendees log into their account.


Please make sure to follow the file format requirements.

2. Submit your Google play store banner.


Please make sure to follow the file format requirements.

3. Submit your launch screen image.


Please make sure to follow the file format requirements.

4. Submit your website's and company policy's URLs


5. Submit your application's information (Keywords for iOS, the email address used for testing, the application language, app name in store and descriptions.)


Please make sure to follow the format requirements.

6. If you choose to publish your application in different languages, you will be able to add it in the


7. Finally, indicate the publication date of your app and submit the form.


The application will be published in the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store within two weeks after the app is submitted. The publication time varies based on the volume of requests the stores receive.

Do not hesitate to work with your Customer Success Manager to help you fill in the form.

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