Branded Apps FAQs
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I don't wish to give admin rights on my Developer account, can I still publish the app?

The App Building team would at least need an App Manager access if not Admin. Please refer to this article for information on the type of access needed to build a branded app.

Can I change the slug of the app once it is created?

No, the slug is specific to the app so we, unfortunately, cannot change it. Hence, it is recommended to not add the year in the slug if you are planning to use the app for future events as it would appear in the app URL forever.

What do you need an API key for, do you store them?

We do not store API keys anywhere it is solely used to enable the automation of actions we take in App Store Connect.

I am still seeing old content and graphics in the app?

Please ensure you have submitted the changes via Typeform to the App Build team. Check with your Customer Success Manager if the Team has submitted the app with the changes and whether or not the app is live. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version from the stores.

How can I remove my app from the stores?

You can refer to this article on how to deleting app from stores

Can we publish the app without screenshots?

No, the screenshots are a mandatory field and cannot be skipped, so we recommend at least having 40–60% content uploaded before publishing the app like a few sessions, exhibitors, products etc.

Why isn’t my app showing in the Google Play Store when I search it by name?

The visibility of the app on the Play Store depends on app optimization and downloads. We recommend getting a direct download link from us and initially downloading the app between your team members. After 25 installs, it should start to show on the Google Play Store when you search for it. You can also add direct links to the stores from emails.

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