Allow Participants to meet at the right place and time to make meaningful connections

Meetings General Information

  • Setting up Video Meetings

    In addition to offering physical Meeting Locations to Participants, you can offer them the ability to set up Virtua...

  • Managing your Meetings

    The organizer can see and manage the event meetings through the meetings tab.  When clicking on a meeting, the orga...

Meeting Slots

  • Creating Meeting Slots

    The Meetings feature allows Participants to meet during the Event. Meetings are based on Meeting Slots, Locations, a...

Meeting Locations

  • Creating Meeting Locations

    As an Organizer you can create multiple Meeting Locations to host the different Meetings that will take place during ...

Meeting Rules

  • Creating Meeting Request Rules

    What's a Meeting Request Rule Rules are at the heart of the Meeting feature. A Rule is a combination between a Reques...