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Creating and managing your event's schedule page(s)
Creating and managing your event's schedule page(s)
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The Schedule page is essential for helping attendees plan their event experience efficiently. This page allows attendees to easily bookmark sessions, stay informed about the latest updates, and manage their time effectively.

How to create the schedule page

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. Click on Event builder ➡️ Pages & Menu.

  3. Click on Create page.

  4. Choose Schedule.

How to manage your schedule page settings

How to edit the design of your schedule page

Customize the design of your Schedule page by editing the following information in the Design tab:

  • Label

  • Color

  • Button background image

  • Page background image

How to manage the visibility settings of your schedule page

Control who can see your Schedule page by managing its visibility settings:

  • Groups: Decide which group(s) of participants can view the page.

  • Public Visibility: Choose whether to make the page visible to unregistered guests.

Depending on your event's complexity, you can create different Schedule pages for different participant groups. For example, you might want to show specific sessions to VIP attendees that are hidden from standard attendees.

How to manage the data settings of your schedule page

1. Conditions

  • Use conditions to filter and display relevant content. These fields are populated from the custom fields created for your event (more information here).

  • You can create multiple schedule pages based on location, format, topics, or any custom fields added to your event

2.Display preferences

  • Choose to display either a list or grid of all available sessions, or redirect attendees to the live session when they access the page.

  • Customize content order and sorting options for the top navigation bar, section titles, and session sorting.

  • Enable personalized recommendations : our AI automatically recommend new sessions for each attendee to discover. Encourage attendees to complete their profile and use the app to gather even more accurate recommendations and push program attendance recommending sessions that attendees could enjoy based on their behavior.

3. Available filters

Select the fields you want to display as search filters, making it easier for attendees to find relevant sessions.

These fields are populated by the custom fields created for your session. To create them, refer to this article.

These filters will appear on the event's sessions page as such :

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