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Setting up Swapcard's AI recommendations
Setting up Swapcard's AI recommendations
Updated over a week ago

Our platform has been designed with AI at its core, rather than an afterthought. Understand how our Artificial Intelligence works to make a lasting impact on your Attendees, and to get the best of your event.

The goal of AI is to improve the user experience by giving Attendees recommendations about content they might be interested in.

The two areas we use AI for

1. Personalized recommendations
In the user interface it appears on the People, Sessions, and Items lists as “AI Matches” or “Recommended for you” carousel on the top of the list.


To activate this, in the Studio, go to Event builder → Content display and click on the Edit "pencil" button right next to the Content Button for which you want the AI recommendations to be activated. There, toggle on the Personalized recommendations option under the Data tab.


2. Similar entities
In the user interface it appears on the Session, Item, and Exhibitor details pages as “You may also like”.


Organizers who want to enable this feature, need to open the Studio and go to the Content → People → Exhibitors → Exhibitors Settings → Similar exhibitors recommendations and toggle on the Display similar exhibitors option


Note: There is no special setting for similar Sessions, you can't turn those recommendations off.

How does the AI engine define the recommendations?

Recommendations are based on:

The information added into the Swapcard database:
People, Sessions, Exhibitors, Items, and their respective custom fields are matched with each other and also used to find similar People/Products/Exhibitors/Sessions of interest. This can be information added directly in the Studio or provided during the registration.

User behavior:
For example, what users viewed or bookmarked.

Note: The recommendations can be activated only for the Event where the number of registered users is more than 10. Plus, the recommendation engine doesn't work on past events; if the Event is over, the recommendation list won't be updated anymore.

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