Connecting Swapcard to a Registration System
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Once you have set up your Event in the Studio, navigate to the Event Builder module, click on the Integrations tab and select a registration system from the list of available systems.

This is where you can link your registration tool to Swapcard, simply by entering your credentials. You can choose the information you want to add and configure the fields that will be pushed to Swapcard, and those that should not. Keep in mind that this is a one-direction flow, which means that everything happening in the registration tool will be updated in Swapcard, but not the other way around.

Custom fields

When importing Custom fields, they must be set as "non-editable" for the synchronization to work.

Import as not visible

This feature is particularly useful when, for example, you have VIP Attendees who want to participate in the Event, but don’t want to be found through search.

You can choose any of these integration tools, which are also listed in this article: List of ticketing tools that can be synchronized with Swapcard

Stop, Refresh, or Delete your integration system

Once you have set up your integration system you are going to be able to stop or refresh the synchronization process. On the other hand, you can delete it at any time to pick another one.

In this place, you can also plan your mapping when you are using ticketing registration.

To fully understand this part you can review our separate article: Understanding field mapping.

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