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List of Push Notifications activated and sent by default
List of Push Notifications activated and sent by default
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Some Push Notifications will be automatically sent by the platform to improve the Participants' experience. The Organizer cannot edit, activate or deactivate them.


New message: [Message content] sent via the chat

  • Sent when a Participant receives a message


New contact: [Full Name] is now a connection

Contact request: [Full Name] wants to get in touch with you

  • Sent when a Connection Request is made, accepted, or declined.


Meeting request sent: [Full Name] just sent you a meeting request, reply now

Meeting request accepted: [Full Name] has accepted your meeting 🤝

Meeting request refused: [Full Name] has declined your meeting request

Meeting request canceled: [Full Name] has canceled his/her meeting request

Meeting canceled: [Full Name] has canceled your meeting

  • Sent as soon as a Meeting Request, cancelation, or refusal is made

Meeting reminder: Your meeting with [Full Name] starts soon! 📍Location

  • 15 minutes before for in-person and hybrid event

  • 2 min before for virtual event


Session reminder:

Session Name will start soon, go grab a place!

  • 15 mins before for in-person/hybrid events

  • 2 mins for virtual events

Session rating: Session Name was 👍 or 👎? Share feedback with the organizer

Roundtable rating: Please rate Roundtable name and share any additional feedback you may have.

  • After a Session or Roundtable the Participant is registered to, they will receive a Notification to rate the Session

Note: Push Notifications are only available on the mobile apps, and users have to enable them through the notifications settings of their device (not directly in the Swapcard app)


On desktop, when you have a new Notification, a red bubble will appear with the number of new Notifications you've received in the top navigation bar.

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