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Creating and customizing the Items page
Creating and customizing the Items page
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The Items page is a valuable feature for showcasing various offerings at your event, such as products, job offers, or promotional materials. This article will walk you through the process of creating, customizing, and managing your Items page to ensure it effectively engages your attendees.

How to create the Items page

  1. Go to the Studio.

  2. Click on Event builder ➡️ Pages & Menu.

  3. Click on Create page.

  4. Choose Items.

How to manage your Items page settings

How to edit the design of your Items page

Customize the design of your Items page by editing the following information in the Design tab:

  • Label: Name your Items page.

  • Color: Select a color scheme that matches your event branding.

  • Button Background Image: Choose an image for the button background.

  • Page Background Image: Select an image for the page background.

How to manage the visibility settings of your schedule page

Control who can see your Items page by managing its visibility settings:

  • Groups: Decide which group(s) of participants can view the page.

  • Public Visibility: Choose whether to make the page visible to unregistered guests.

Depending on your event's complexity, you can create different Items pages for different participant groups or decide to showcase your items only to a specific group.

For instance, you might want to show job offers only to attendees who are part of a " Open to a role" group or show job offers from specific brands only, creating a monetization opportunity.

How to manage the data settings of your Items page

1.Type of items

In the Data tab you can choose the type of items to display based on the custom fields defined for your items.

You have to select the category first then select the custom field within that category.

2.Display preferences

  • Choose to display either a list or grid of items.

  • Choose to include items in personalized recommendations. With AI recommendations you can boost products visibility with recommended items from the marketplace.

With the Items page you can provide attendees with easy access to important event offerings, drive engagement, and create potential monetization opportunities.

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