Getting Started with Swapcard

Getting Started with Swapcard

Make your first steps as easy as 1-2-3

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Managing My Event

Guides & Resources

  • User Guide - Attendees

    This guide gathers all the information about features that your attendees can use before, during, and after the even...

  • User Guide - Speakers

    This guide is intended for speakers who host sessions during your event. They will find advice and tips to highligh...

  • User Guide - Exhibitors

    This guide is essential to assist exhibitors in using the platform and their dedicated area. They will find advice a...

  • User and support guide - Event Team

    It is essential that your team is familiar with the platform and is able to answer the participants' questions.    Th...

  • Managing Visual Specifications & Field Limits

    First impressions count! The visual aesthetics of your event is the first thing your audience sees and will possibly ...

  • Other Guides

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