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Participants Content Button: use case and settings
Participants Content Button: use case and settings
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Content Buttons are the gates to your Community and Event! With them, you can manage how to display your content. As there are several types of Content Buttons in Swapcard, here you will learn about the Participants Content Button.

If you need to, you can learn more about the basics of Content Buttons with this article: Setting up Content Buttons.


Displays a list of Participants who are part of your Community and/or are attending the Event.

Use case

Provide intuitive and efficient networking among all types of Participants. This helps them make relevant encounters within their Community, or during an Event.


You are able to choose the Group(s) of Participants you wish to display under this Content Button, and sort them in the order that better suits your Event's needs.

In this section, you can also decide to show the People with account, People without account, or both.

Below you will find the Personalized recommendations and People online toggle. If you turn on these toggles, the respective profiles and AI-generated recommendations will appear as a horizontal list at the top of the Attendees page. 

You can sort this list by Most complete profiles, Last name, First name, Registration date, or by the event Custom fields.

You will also be able to choose whether you want participants to be displayed as a list or a Grid.

Lastly, you can select the fields you want to be displayed as search filters. You can manage their order in the custom fields settings.


You can decide which Group(s) of Participants can see the Content Button, and whether you want to make it visible to unregistered Guests (publicly). Depending on the complexity of your Event, you could show different Participants Content Buttons to different Groups of Participants. For example, this is commonly used to hide Participants who belong to a "VIP Attendee"-like Group from those in the "Standard Attendee" Group.

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