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Customizing Participant display and filters with custom fields
Customizing Participant display and filters with custom fields
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What are custom fields?

The People tab displays all individuals participating in the event, including Attendees, Exhibitors, Speakers, Staff, and Media. To customize how and where these individuals are displayed or to enable participant filtering for search purposes you can use custom fields.

Custom fields are additional information fields you can create for your event participants. They help classify participants into different categories and create filters for easier participant lookup.

Important: Custom fields will only be visible on the People page if at least one participant is classified under that field. If no participant is associated with a custom field, it won't be displayed or used for filtering.

How to create custom fields

  1. Login to

  2. From the dropdown menu on the left, select the People tab.

  3. Click on People settings to Add custom fields for your Attendees.

4. Click on Add custom field.

5. Define the Label (how the custom field will appear on the People page).

6. Choose a Format from the dropdown menu:

  • Short text: For brief entries like Profession or Email address.

  • Long text: For longer entries like Address or Bio.

  • Multiple texts: For multiple text entries.

  • Single choice: For selecting one option from a list (e.g., Country or City).

  • Multiple choices: For selecting multiple options from a list (e.g., Group member status or Proficiencies).

  • URL: For links, such as Websites or LinkedIn profiles.

  • Number: For numerical entries like Age.

  • Date: For date entries like Birthday.

  • File: PDF (.pdf), Word Documents (.doc, .docx), PowerPoint Presentations (.ppt, .pptx), Images (.png, .jpg)

How to manage your custom fields settings

Once you have created your custom field, you can edit it to add the filters and manage the visibility.

  • Change the label if needed

  • Add it to a section

  • Edit its properties ( visibility on event and community pages, editable by the user, included in search results and used for AI recommendations)

  • Edit the values for multiple choices custom fields

By following these steps, you can effectively manage and customize participant information, ensuring a streamlined and organized event experience.

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