How to create Speakers?
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A Speaker is the person who will speak during a session of the program: conference, workshop, demonstration, etc. Speakers are added in the same way as other attendees, you can have more information here.

An Attendee becomes strictly speaking a Speaker when you associate him to a session of the program.

You also have the possibility to create files for your Speakers without giving them access to the platform or linking these files to any profile.

How to attach speakers to a session ?

For a speaker to appear in the session he is leading and vice versa, he must be attached to this session. There are several ways to do this:

1.Quick add from a session file:

  • From the organizer interface, go to Content ➡️ Sessions and click on the session of your choice

  • Click on the second tab that represents the speakers

  • In the list of participants, search for the speakers you wish to attach to this session

The speaker in question must already be on the list of participants.

2.Quick add from an attendee profile:

  • From the organizer interface, go to Content ➡️ People and click on the speaker of your choice.

  • Click on the third tab "Speaking at".

  • Search through the list of sessions to find the ones you want to assign to this speaker.

Note : Sessions must be created beforehand.

3.Mass add by Excel import:

  • From the organizer interface, go to Content ➡️ People and click on "Add people".

  • Choose to import via Excel file, select "Speakers" and then download the file.

  • For each speaker you wish to attach to a session, indicate the ID of their session(s) in column T [Is speaking at (opt)]. You will find the IDs corresponding to each session on the 4th sheet of the Excel file ["Sessions (read only)"].

  • Re-import the Excel file on the platform and you're done!

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