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List of emails sent by Swapcard
List of emails sent by Swapcard
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Swapcard does not send your audience any communication for marketing purposes. The emails that we do send out are explained below.

Requests reminder

Email sent after at least one request has been received and remained unanswered in the last 4 hours. If there are multiple requests, these will be grouped per event within the same email. The email will include all answered requests of the last 4h for said event, separated into two categories (1 - Meetings, 2- Connections). Participants have the ability to disable it from their Settings (via Event Web App).


  • Meeting requests received

  • Connection requests received


  • Every 4 hours

From (sender)


Subject line

  • ##{{{first_name}}}, you have new networking requests

Activities reminder

All activities unseen (based on notificationCounter) in the last 4 hours for the same event, sorted by date (more recent first). Participants have the ability to disable it from their Settings (via Event Web App).

Activities concerned

  • New Meeting

  • Meeting request declined

  • Exhibitor Meeting request received

  • Meeting canceled

  • New connection


  • Every 4 hours - with a gap of 2 hours based on the request reminder email

From (sender)


Subject line

  • Psst ##{{{first_name}}}... check your new notifications

Meeting canceled

Email sent instantly to "B: after "A" has canceled their Meeting.



Subject line

  • FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME has canceled your meeting

Meeting confirmed reminder

Email sent 15 minutes before a confirmed Meeting when the Meeting Location is not Virtual, and 5 minutes before if Meeting Location is Virtual. Participants have the ability to disable it from their Settings (via Event Web App).

From (sender)


Subject line

  • If Meeting Location is Virtual: FIRST_NAME, your meeting is starting, please join

  • Else: FIRST_NAME, your meeting is imminent, please take place

Meeting requests not replied reminder (Not planned)

Emails are sent once a day at noon (UTC) if a user received at least one Meeting request the day before (-36h ⇒ -12h) that still hasn't been replied to, hasn't expired, and if the user hasn't received a Meeting request in the last 12h that's still not replied and not expired (to avoid that user receives 2 request reminder emails in a row).


All Meeting requests received not replied to and not expired (per event) and not in the last 12 hours.


Every day at 12:00 UTC

From (sender)


Subject line

FIRST_NAME, you still haven't replied to meeting requests

Schedule reminder (Not planned)

Email sent on user’s demand and automatically 1 hour before the event start. The email includes an .ics file link to download it to a calendar tool. The email displays all Meetings confirmed and registered Sessions sorted by date (similar to the My visit schedule view).


  • Organizers can disable the email that is sent one hour before the event.

Magic link

Email is sent instantly when the user tries to log in and the password is forgotten or hasn't been set up.

From (sender)


Subject line

  • Magic sign-in link

Confirmation email

Email is sent instantly when the user adds a Secondary Email to his account.

From (sender)


Subject line

  • Confirm your email address

Team member invitation

Email is sent instantly when the user has been added to a team by a member.

From (sender)


Subject line

  • You have been added as a member of EXHIBITOR_NAME



Tokens in all emails are valid for 48 hours, except for those in magic-link emails (1 hour). When a password is defined/reset, tokens are invalidated instantly.


Transactional emails are currently available in:

  • en_US

  • es_ES

  • fr_FR

  • it_IT

  • ca_ES

  • de_DE

  • et_EE

  • id_ID

  • ko_KR

  • nl_NL

  • pl_PL

  • pt_BR

  • vi_VN

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