Setting up Content Buttons
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Content Buttons are the gates to your Event! With them, you can manage how to display your Event content. They are constituting the menu on the Event home page (Grid or List display mode), plus in a horizontal navigation bar on desktop devices. For each Content Button, you can customize the design, the visibility, and the data behind it.

In the Studio, these can be found in two different locations:

  1. Top-level / Community level: Community builder → Content display → Content Buttons

  2. Second-level / Event level: Event builder → Content display → Content Buttons

However, only the Participants, Schedule, Live session, On-demand video library, Exhibitors, Items, Feed, and WebView buttons are currently available at Community level. Others to follow soon! For the purpose of this article, the steps will be listed to set up Content Buttons at Event level.

Creating a new Content Button

  1. Under Event builder → Content display → Content Buttons, click on the Add Button button

  2. Select the type of Content Button you want to create from the list of options available

  3. Choose a name (Label), color, and button background image or Icone (depending on the Display mode you choose).

  4. Click on Add Button

Types of Content Buttons

There are several types of Content Buttons available, and each has its own purpose and use case:




  • Exhibitors - Available at Event and Community level

  • Items - Available at Event and Community level




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